Tips & Tricks


House keys / Mortice Keys /Rim keys /Yale keys /Car keys / Safe keys Keys tend to get a hard time. Keys get thrown in handbags, shoved in pockets, drop on the ground. It is important to keep keys clean and free of dust. Watch for keys wearing out and not locking or unlocking your house, business or vehicle lock smoothly and easily. Watch for the key bending and weakening. This will eventually lead to your key breaking off in the lock.

If you have multiple locks and different keys to open up different locks in your house or business, any time we can solve this time consuming problem by rekeying all your locks to the same key.

If you are storing many keys for different uses example: car yard/small hotels/care facility we can provide a lockable key cabinet which can be fixed to a wall or inside a cupboard.

There are many ways in which we can make your lifeless keyed up! – Ring us now.

Vehicle Keys

Truck keys / Car Keys / Van Keys

When buying a vehicle – check for the vehicle having a transponder key – is there a spare.

Even though getting a spare is very expensive it is far cheaper to have a spare than to lose the key and have a whole new key made up after hours!

What are transponder keys?

These are keys that have a computer chip in the key head that talks to the vehicle on startup. Without the right computer chip, the car will not start.

Examples of cars that have Transponder keys are:

  • Toyota Prado NZ Model 2000
  • Holden Commodore 1994 onwards
  • Ford Transit 1994 onwards

We are able to copy Transponder Keys.

Always check your key and ignition for wear and tear. Worn keys and barrels will eventually stop working.

Be a wear of the battery life in your vehicle remote.

Check large headed keys for bending at the base. Get a new key cut before it snaps in the ignition or barrel. Always have a spare key in a wallet or handbag.

Keys that tend to bend in our experience are:

  • Mazda 20R keys
  • Early Nissan Model keys

If your vehicle has been broken into – often keys/repairs/barrels are covered by insurance.

If it is your barrel or ignition that is damaged we can provide new barrel and ignition and have the new barrels and ignition keyed alike.

For insurance all we need is the policy number, claim number, name of insurance company and leave the rest up to us:

Window Locks

Window locks can have more than one use. Not only can Window Locks be used to keep unwanted people from easily opening and gaining entry into your home or business but be used to let in fresh air with still being security conscious.

When having small children living in your home it is important to have windows that only open a little way to ensure the no child can fall from an open window. No one wants to find a child has fallen from an open window in a two-storied house or apartment block.

When going away for an extended time having Keyed Push Locks on your Windows gives you that extra piece of mind. No burglar really wants to enter through broken windows risking deep cuts.

When having multiple Keyed Push Locks on your Windows you only need to have one Key to fit all Locks.

Many houses now have different coloured Aluminum Window Frames we can power coat new Window Stays to match your existing frames and Windows.

Window handles also can break we can often replace the handle, without the need for a whole new lock.

There are many solutions for secure windows – give us a ring today to talk about your situation. We can help whether you have Aluminum Windows or Wooden Windows.

Door Locks and Door Hardware

At Eastern Bays Mobile Locksmiths we take securing your house or business very seriously. It is important not only to look at the type of Door Lock you want but also at the Door and the Door Frame.

We are continuously looking at new door products, lock hardware and going on industry training courses to ensure that the information we give is the very best information.

There are many locks we can provide to suit your needs: For example – if you are a runner and do not want to hide your house key or run with a key tucked in your pocket a Digital Lock could just be the thing for you.

Digital Locks also work well for teenage children who cannot remember to take their keys with them when they go out! No more being locked out of the house. Digital locks can be teamed up with a Deadbolt or Latchset for extra security when going away.

It is not always necessary to completely change your locks if you have lost your keys or have had a break in. Many locks can have their combination changed and new keys issued.

Doors and Frames can move with the weather and you may find the door lock and striker plate may no longer match up. We can realign the lock and striker plate back up.

If you need a security door or window grill we will come out measure up to your exact size and fit. Security doors are great for added security over the summer months to let in light and fresh air, (you can also have them with a mozzie mesh) but with a secure lock for peace of mind.

At Eastern Bays Mobile Locksmiths we pride ourselves in providing a friendly helpful service for all your Door Lock problems and solutions.

Preventive measures you can take

At Home

  • Get to know your neighbours. Swap phone numbers. Let them know if you expect a tradesman.
  • Have bushes and trees cut away from windows and doors – this stops people from having somewhere to hide and work from.
  • Have screen doors on the front door and back door – letting in fresh air only. This is also a good security measure when opening answering the door to someone you do not know.
  • Do not leave bags, wallets within sight of open doors and windows.
  • Always have a back up of the computer.
  • Have a safe for your passports, insurance papers, birth certificates and backups, which is bolted down and out of sight.
  • Have a lockable door between your internal garage and home
  • Have a portable alarm in your boat or shed.
  • Put ladders away
  • Have a lockable letterbox
  • Use hardened steel padlocks and circle padlocks
  • Have security lights working at night
  • Install an alarm.

In Your Office

  • Put bags and wallets out of sight of the public
  • Have screen doors on back doors
  • Have a locking drawer for petty cash and chequebooks.
  • Bolted down safe for the day’s takings throughout the day.