Digital Locks – Electronic and Mechanical 

Digital lock installation

Many different digital lock options available – we recommend the following but not limited to.


Yale Smart Locks

Yale delivers a premium digital locking solution with flexible control and peace of mind. Your lock is controllable from anywhere in the world, when connected to a home automation hub!



Say goodbye to lost, stolen and just plain forgotten keys. With an easy-to-install Schlage keypad and touchscreen, electronic door locks, coming and going is keyless, effortless – and painless. Plus, our variety of electronic finish and style options pair effortlessly with our most popular trim styles, allowing you to expertly tie together the perfect style inside and out.


Lockwood Mechanical

Mechanical Digital Door Locks provide keyless entry with simple, cost free changing of the digital code combination. Today the next generation ‘DX’ locking system raises the security and durability performance of the ASSA ABLOY range to a new and unrivalled level.



BL2000 Range
Borg Locks has been designing, creating and distributing its vast range of mechanical access control devices since 1997.

The BL2001 is one of our entry level light duty locks from the BL2000 Series. Fully mechanical and with a simple design, the model provides automatic locking until such a time that the correct code is entered.